Grand Jury Indicts Two

The indictments move these cases to Circuit Court.


Frederick, Md (KM). The Frederick County Grand Jury on Friday indicted two people. Elvin Reyes-Ventura, 36, of Frederick is charged seven counts of sex abuse of a minor along with 1st- and 2nd-degree assault.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says a woman came to Frederick Memorial Hospital in August, saying she had been assaulted. “She reported having an argument with the defendant when he grabbed her from behind, and covered her nose and her mouth. The victim blacked out as a result of that,” he says. “After she made it to FMH, the FMH nurse actually found evidence consistent with strangulation. He had actually strangled her to point that she blacked out.”

Frederick Police responded to the hospital, and found out another aspect of the story. “The victim also indicated that she had observed the defendant engaging in sexual activities in the presence of her children, eight, five and two, as well as a four-month-old. And so, the fact he had repeatedly done this in front of these young children warranted the seven counts of sexual abuse against the minors,” says Smith.

The incident occurred in Frederick. on August, 2017.

The second person indicted was Charles Rocky Flood, Jr., 36, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania., whose charged with 2nd-degree child abuse and 2nd-degree assault. Smith says Deputies from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office responded to Drexel Avenue in New Market for a disturbance in September. They met up Flood who was sitting on a front step. He said two individuals, both juveniles, took his vehicle without permission. He confronted to the pair and assault them. “One victim had his head pushed into the wall by the defendant. And the other was actually woken up by Mr. Flood, who began to punch him over and over again with his fist, really busting his face up pretty good. He had to have stitches. He had to be transported,” says Smith.

That incident occurred in September, 2017.

These indictments move these cases to the Circuit Court, where a trial date will be set.

Smith says the Grand Jury also handed down some other indictments, but they are sealed until they’re served to the defendants.


By Kevin McManus