Trial Of Suspect In Two-Decade-Old Homicide Postponed On Tuesday

He had to go the hospital after he was assaulted in a holding cell.


Frederick,Md (KM). There were no court proceedings on Tuesday in the trial of Lloyd Harris, 54. That’s because the defendant was assaulted in a holding cell at the Frederick County Court House.

Charlie Smith, State’s Attorney, says Harris was injured after he was placed in the holding cell on Monday evening after his trial concluded for the day. “A fight ensued. We don’t have any details other than the defendant, Mr. Harris, was beaten pretty badly, and therefore taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for medical attention,” he says.

Harris required six stitches above his right eye, officials say.

This incident comes as on the day the State rested its case, and the defense was starting its case in the court room.

Smith says both sides in the case met in the court room on Tuesday with Circuit Court Judge William Nicklas presiding. “The defense did make a motion for a mistrial based upon this occurrence. We opposed it.  The Judge did deny it for the time being,at least,”   he says.

But Judge Nicklas did postpone the trial until Wednesday.”to determine whether any sort of concussion may have occurred, and to make a better decision in terms of his ability to decide on whether or not to testify,” Smith says.

He also said   it doesn’t appear that Harris has concussion. “We feel that he’s cognizant, he’s  coherent. He was not concussed. He doesn’t look too good, but that doesn’t really weigh into whether he’s able to testify or not, or make that decision at least,” he says.

Trial could resume on Wednesday.

Harris has been on trial since last week for the 1996 rape and murder of 15-year-old Stacy Hoffmaster.


By Kevin McManus