Registration Has Begun For FCC’s Bioprocessing Program

It trains students for careers in biotech research & manufacturing.


Frederick, Md (KM). Young people who are interested in science may want to consider enrolling in the bioprocessing program at Frederick Community College. Dr. Judy Stavely, the Director of the program, says there are a number of biotech companies in the region who need employees. “Our curriculum is tailored to the 500 biopharmaceutical companies that are situated in the 270 corridor,” she says. :”So we have many,many biopharma companies in Frederick which I think our community doesn’t realize how big the biopharma industry and the biomedical field is situated in our community.”

FCC says the bioprocessing technology program emphasizes science, communications and critical thinking skills, manufacturing and  technology, and laboratory environmental health and safety. Registration began on Monday, November 6th, and Dr. Stavely says the program has filled up very quickly in the past  so students need to act as soon as possible.

She says students who complete the program and receive an associate’s degree can begin work at local biotech companies, their duties primarily in the laboratory. . They can also go on to four-year colleges to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. “You might want to do this now. But maybe when you go into your graduate studies, you can always maybe go to the business side of these things. So you can get your degree, maybe get some experience in bioprocessing ot  research and development and start working for these companies and learning techniques. And maybe start up a little research lab in Frederick and become an entrepreneur and open your own business, Says Dr. Stavely.

At this time, a lot of jobs at local biotech firms go begging. “It’s is rapidly growing in Frederick. All of these companies are moving in. We have start up programs,” Dr. Stavely says. “I can’t get enough students in my program to put in job positions.”

She says many entry level positions start out with a salary of $41,000.  .

Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the program can go to the FCC website at, or call 301-846-2564. They can also e-mail Dr. Stavely at [email protected].



By Kevin McManus