O’Connor Defeats McClement In Mayor’s Race

All Democrats win in the Board of Aldermen contest.


Frederick, Md (KM) The voters of Frederick have chosen a new mayor.; During Tuesday’s General Election, Democratic Alderman Michael O’Connor defeated incumbent Republican Mayor Randy McClement. O’Connor took in 5,093 votes, or 58.31%, while McClement won 3,184 votes or 36.46%, This total includes all city precincts as well as early voting.

“Our campaign has always been a reflection of what we thought the residents want to see out of their leadership at city hall. A leadership that’s going to be innovative, that is forward thinking that is collaborative,that is progressive. And I think now the task before us is  to deliver on that promise,” O’Connor said.

He also said he will try to keep in touch with what all of the residents of the city have to say, regardless of where they live. “We can’t listen to them all at the same time. But all of those residents have to believe that we will listen, that we are hearing them and that we will be responsive to those concerns,” he said.

Mayor McClement says he’s disappointed in the loss, but not bitter. “I’d being lying if I said I was happy, life was good,” he said. “Like I’ve always said, it is what it is. I run the way I wanted to run. I ran on what I did for the last eight years, and what I was hoping to do for the next four. And the citizens decided they wanted a different direction. So I honored their decision.”

He advises Mayor-elect O’Connor to think about the best interests of the city in any decisions. “Just do what is right for the city of Frederick. Not right for any party or any affiliation. It really needs to be what’s good for the city,” he says.

The voters in Frederick also elected an all Democratic Board of Aldermen. Incumbents Donna Kuzemchak and Kelly Russell were returned to office. Newcomers Roger Wilson, Derek Shackelford and Ben McShane were elected to the Board.

Alderwoman Kuzemchak says this Democratic sweep is the beginning of a trend. “This is the drop in the pond that’s spreads, and it spread and it spreads. And that’s what people need to hear. Democratic sweep in Frederick and it’s going to spread to the county and the rest of the way. Democrats,” she said.

Alderwoman Russell said this is a team that can work together. “This has been a very great cohesive team that’s I’ve run with on the Democratic side. We started working together weeks ago and I think we’ve really bonded and worked together. And I think that’s what Frederick is really looking for: teamwork,” she said.

Wilson was pleased with his victory. “It feels great. We stuck to our strategy and it’s a great day for the city of Frederick,” he said.

“It was an amazing result for me tonight,” said McShane. :”This is the first time that I’ve run for office and to see this kind of support for my campaign is wonderful.”

And the second time running for Alderman prove the charm for Shackelford. “I’m excited. I’m thankful for the voters and those who cast their vote and those who participated in the process. I think that’s what Democracy is all about,” he said.

The newly elected Mayor and Board of Aldermen will be sworn into office on Thursday, December 14th.

Out of the 42,053 registered voters in the city of Frederick, 8,810 cast ballots on General Election day and early voting.