Winning Lottery Ticket Sold In Brunswick Last Week

Md. Lottery says winner has not yet come forward.


Baltimore, Md (KM). There’s a lottery winner out there who doesn’t know it.. The Maryland Lottery says a winning, $50,000 Bonus Match-5 ticket was sold last Wednesday evening at Jerry’s Liquors in Brunswick.

“The winner has not come forward yet. So we’re hoping they’ll hear this, sign their ticket and bring it to Baltimore, ” says Gail Pelovitz, the Drawings Manager for Contests and Publications for the Maryland Lottery.

She says the winning numbers are 6,7,8.9 and 23. If you have that winning ticket, Pelovitz¬† says you need to sign the ticket and bring it Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, which is located at 1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 330.¬†¬† “They need to bring a photo i.d. and proof of Social {Security}. They’ll fill out paperwork and then the check will be mailed to them,” she says.

The wining amount is $50,000, but Pelovitz says money will be subtracted from that amount to pay state and federal taxes. “Automatically, any prize over $5,000, 25% for federal and 8.75% for state, gets taken out automatically,” she says.

Pelovitz says the winner has 182 days or six months to claim the prize. So how long does it take most winners to come forward and claim their prizes, she was asked. “It’s varies with the draw. Some people wait a little while. We had somebody claim a prize today {Mon} from Bonus Match-5 also that was from June. Some people come in today and some people wait a while. It just depends,” she responded.

Pelovitz says Jerry’s Liquors will receive a $500 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission says it contributed $1.117-billion to the state in fiscal year 2017.



By Kevin McManus