Texas Man Sentenced In Frederick County In Human Trafficking Case

He will also be required to register as a sex offender for life.


Frederick, Md. (KM). A Houston, Texas man will be doing some prison time in Maryland for his conviction in a human trafficking case.  . In Frederick County Circuit Court on Wednesday,. Thomas Duane Jones, 36, was sentenced to a total of 45 years incarceration, with all but 25 years suspended. After he’s released from prison, Jones will be placed on five-years of supervised probation, and must register as a sex offender for life.

“This is a really terrible case where a jury convicted Mr. Jones of three counts of human trafficking and one count of 2nd-degree rape,” says State’s Attorney Charlie Smith.

He says Jones and a 17-year-old girl came to Frederick from Houston last year, and registered at the Super Eight Motel on Monocacy Boulevard. After several days in the hotel room, Jones told the victim she had to prostitute herself in order to earn money for herself and the defendant. “The defendant brought a 45-year-old co-worker by the name of Marvin Armstrong, who was a co-defendant as well, into the room to have the victim perform sexual favors on him. When she refused and tried to leave the room, the defendant blocked the door, wouldn’t let her leave, told the victim look she’s not leaving until she has sex with this co-worker of his,” says Smith.

She was able to leave and contact the desk clerk for help. Frederick Police responded to the motel and September 30th, 2016, and arrested Jones and Armstrong.

Armstrong pleaded guilty in connection with the case, and testified against Jones during his trial. Smith says the testimony was “detailed” and “compelling.” He says jury heard in detail how Jones brought Armstrong to Frederick for human trafficking, and that led to Jones’ conviction.

“And obviously human trafficking is becoming more and more of an issue, especially with the Internet the way it is now. It’s very easy to find prostitutes and unfortunately, they’re underage and they’re forced into this by people like Mr. Jones,” Smith says.



By Kevin McManus