Fire Damages UPS Center In Frederick

Many packages were lost in the blaze.

Frederick, Md. (DG) – Holiday cheer may be damped due to a fire at the UPS Center in Frederick on Monday night.

Frederick County Fire and Rescue spokesman Kevin Fox said crews responded to the scene on English Muffin Way at 11:40 PM, and found 10 trucks and a package loading structure on fire.

“It was a significant amount of damage to the delivery trucks, several of them were total loses, as well as the loading structure itself was a complete lost. A number of packages were lost in the fire as well,” Fox said.

Fox added it took 45-minutes to bring the flames under control.

“The main facility building sustained some damage, however none of the contents within caught fire and that was attributed to a sprinkler system that activated,” Fox said.

No one was injured.

The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the cause of the blaze.

UPS is working to identify and notify shippers of the damaged packages. The company will reroute packages that would have gone out on the damaged trucks.

-Dianah Gibson