Tobacco Compliance Check Conducted Tues On 19 Retailers In Frederick

Two were found not in compliance.


Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick Police Department on Tuesday conducted a Tobacco Compliance Check of 19 businesses in the city. Officers with two underage volunteers were able to determine whether these retailers were complying with state law prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to minors.

!7 were in compliance: They are:

Get Go – 1000 W. Patrick St
7-Eleven – 1042 W. Patrick St
Westridge Liquors- 1045 W. Patrick St
Hillcrest Beer & Wine – 1090 W. Patrick St
Rite Aid Pharmacy – 1000 Key pkwy
Willowtree Liquors- 5 Willowdale Dr.
Estrella Market – 1507 W. Patrick St
Washingtonian Express – 1395 W. Patrick St
Family Dollar – 467 W. Patrick St
Tobacco 4 Less – 1100 W. Patrick St.
DJ Liquors – 1306 W. Patrick St
Exxon Golden Mile – 1380 W. Patrick St
Waverly Beer & wine – 45-A Waverly Dr
7-Eleven – 1501 W. Patrick St.
Weis Markets – 2 Old Camp Rd.
Rosemont Service Center – 1704 Rosemont Ave
Sheetz – 1600 Rosemont Ave

But these two were not in compliance.:

Frederick Sunoco – 1200 W. Patrick St
Frederick Shell – 1275 W. Patrick St.0.

They will be issued citations, police say.

The Tobacco Compliance Check was financed through a SYNAR grant administered by the Frederick County Health Department’s Substance Abuse Prevention Services. .

Police say merchant training is available to help employees comply with the law.


By Kevin McManus