Former Alderman Running For County Council

He says he’s not happy with the current Council.


Frederick,Md (KM) There’s another candidate in the race for Frederick County Council. Former Frederick Alderman Phil Dacey has thrown his hat into the ring, running as a Republican for one of two at-large seats on the Council.

Dacey says he’s not happy with what he sees with the current Council. “I’ve seen individuals that are looking out for themselves, politicians that are looking out for themselves rather than looking out for what’s best for Frederick County.” he says. “When you have bickering and inability to agree and cooperate on important issues, then those important issues get left behind.”

Dacey says some of those “important issues’ include taxes and economic growth. “We have to make sure that the property tax rates don’t drive people from Frederick city and Frederick County. And we need to make sure that we’re growing in the right way, and that we build the roads that we need to accommodate the folks that are already in Frederick County.”

The current property tax rate is $1.06 per $100 of assessed value.

In a campaign statement, Dacey says he will work to bring record funding for roads and infrastructure. He has been a transportation professional and an attorney for 15-years, and he says that could help in securing state funding from the Hogan Administration for local road projects.

He served the Board of Aldermen from 2013-2017. “I’mĀ  proud to votedĀ  to reduce the manufacturing tax in Frederick city, and completely phase out the business personal property tax,” he says.

Dacey grew up in Frederick and attended Governor Thomas Johnson High School. He says he’s raising his two daughters in Frederick and his wife is a small business owner.

Other candidates running for County Council include Republicans Steve McKay and Justin Kiska.


By Kevin McManus