Police Arrest Three People After Breaking Into Vacant Home

The owner said the suspects did not have permission to be in the house.

Frederick, Md. (DG) – Frederick Police arrested three people for breaking into a home on Saturday night

Officers responded to a vacant home on December 30th, in the 100 block of Deerfield Place at around 7:45 PM for a possible burglary in progress.

Police found John Jeffrey, Ariel Channell, and Christopher Wiessend inside of the home. Police learned from the owner that the trio did not have permission to be in the residence and they were taken into custody.

Ariel Channell


John Jeffrey


Christopher Wiessend


Jeffrey and Wiessend were charged with burglary. Officers found a syringe in Channell’s pursue, and she was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and burglary.


-Dianah Gibson