Several Issues Await Legislators As They Head Back To Annapolis Next Week

One could be potential federal budget cuts.


Frederick, Md (KM). The impact of federal budget cuts could be an issue when the 2018 Maryland General Assembly Session convenes next week. That’s according to Frederick County Delegate Carol Krimm (D), whose a member of the House Appropriations Committee.

“We will be getting a report from {the Department of} Legislative Services on what cuts we can expect to programs from the federal government,”: she says. “And then we’ll see what  we can do to shore up some of those programs.”

Delegate Krimm says one program which could face cuts is the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which was passed by Congress with bipartisan support in the 1990’s. There’s been some question as to whether the federal government will continue that program. “If they do not, Maryland will pick up that cost,” she says.

Another program facing possible cuts is efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. “We’re going have to see how any federal government action will impact the Chesapeake Bay,” Krimm says.

The 2018 Maryland General Assembly will gavel into session on Wednesday, January  10th at 12:00 PM.

Delegate Krimm says another issue expected to come up is staffing levels at state agencies. “I will have a bill on phased retirement. So that when people get to retirement age, if they do not wish to take full retirement, they can phase out,” she says. “That way, we can protect some of that institutional knowledge.”

The 2018 election is expected to overshadow a lot of what goes on in Annapolis, as legislators file for re-election, and file to run for another office. Delegate Krimm says she’s seeing  a lot of bills being prepared for the upcoming session. “I think sometimes you do have a few more bills that come in because you have people who want their constituents to know that they’re working on certain issues,” she says.

But Krimm says she will continue working her constituents. “I just work on the budget, and I just work on local government issues. So I’m always trying to find ways to help Frederick County.; So whatever ways I can help, that’s what I do.”

Constituents can reach Delegate Krimm by e-mail at [email protected]


By Kevin McManus