If Amazon Locates To Montgomery County, Frederick County Could Benefit: Sen. Ron Young

He says some of the jobs could go to Frederick County residents.


Annapolis, Md (KM). If Montgomery County lands Amazon’s second headquarters, Frederick County could benefit, according to State Senator Ron Young. “If Amazon comes to Maryland, Montgomery, it’s nearby Frederick it could open up opportunities of more jobs and better paying jobs,” he says.

After Montgomery County made the short list, Governor Larry Hogan proposed a package of tax incentives and transportation upgrades totaling $5-billion. He said on Monday the state is “committing all of its resources” to bring it home to Maryland. But Senator Young says it may be a bit much. “I’d love to get them I think the incentive program is a little bit over the top,” he said.

Amazon has aid it’s decision will depend on state income and property tax credits as well as tax exemptions.

“It’s always great if we can bring a big company with good paying jobs here. So it would be fantastic to have ’em,” says State Senator Young.

Other areas under consideration in this region are Northern Virginia and Washington DC.


By Kevin McManus