President Of Local NAACP Calls For Moratorium On Suspensions Of Minority Students

He says too many minority students are suspended out of school compared to their white counterparts.


Frederick, Md (KM). It’s a different solution when it comes to disciplining students. The President of the local NAACP, Willie Mahone, is calling for the Frederick Board of Education to put a moratorium on suspensions of minority students within in the public school system. :”But not a permanent moratorium,” Mahone said.

“When you get to the point of suspending a child of color, prior to that suspension actually going into affect, bring in another level of review,” he said. ” Bring in another level of review, another committee, or whatever, to look at that to make sure that’s happening in a proper manner,” says Mahone, who was a guest this week on “Mid-Maryland Live” on WFMD. Mahone says those involved in this other level of review should come from outside the school system, and not be employees on administrators in the school system.  They should also look at solutions other than suspensions.

He says it appears more minority students are undergoing suspension compared to Caucasians. Minority students are “39% of the student population. But they constitute 56% of the out-of-school suspensions. If you see a glaring disproportionality there,” he said.

Mahone says he has spoken to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Theresa Alban about this issue. He said Dr. Alban said this “disproportionality is concerning to us.” She acknowledges, according to Mahone, that “research shows that the same offense might get a different reaction depending on the race of the student.” In addition, according to Mahone, Dr. Alban says the school system will be making some changes in this area, and citizens should see the results of those changes within the next two to three years.


By Kevin McManus