Program Air Date: Sunday, February 4th, 2018 – 9am

“Rent Or The Option To Own” (Part 2 of 2)

Troy recently saw a stage play, a musical, that very accurately captured much that is true about life in the world. As the lyrics to “Seasons of Love” tell us, there is both laughter and strife. And our lives can pass us by quickly with meaninglessness, if we’re not careful. But “Rent” blends these helpful insights with a troubling outlook on the human condition. For example, these words from the song “No Day But Today”:

“The heart may freeze or it can burn The pain will ease if I can learn There is no future, There is no past
There’s only us, There’s only this No other road, No other way No day but today
There’s only yes, Only tonight We must let go, To know what is right No other course, No other way
I trust my soul, My only hope is just to be There’s only now, There’s only here No other path, No other way No day but today”

Believe it or not, these songs provide the perfect teaser for a Sunday sermon that recaps a previous sermon Troy preached on 2 John 1-11, and then embraces the wonderful theme of community in fellowship that is found in 2 John 12-13.

Panel:  This week features the second half of a sermon message that Troy Skinner had the opportunity to share with a local congregation recently.

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