Winners Of Three Powerball Tickets Sold In Md. Have Not Claimed Their Prizes

The deadline is fast approaching.


Baltimore, Md (KM). There’s someone out there whose a $50,000 Powerball winner, but doesn’t know it. “It’s crazy but true. We have three Powerball players–or could be more–who have $50,000 prize tickets somewhere in their possession, we hope. And they’ve got to hurry up and claim them because time is running out,” says Carole Gentry, Managing Director of Communications for Maryland Lottery and Gaming.

One of those tickets was purchased in Frederick at the Wegmans at 7830 Wormans Mill Road on August 12th, 2017. The winning numbers from that ticketĀ  are 20,24,25, 35, 49, and the Power Ball number is 19. That ticket is set to expire on Friday, February 9th.

A second ticket was bought at a Mobil station in Glen Burnie on August 5th. The winning numbers from that ticket are 11, 21, 28, 33, 45 and the Power Ball number is 11. That one expires on February 2nd.

A third ticket was purchased on August 19th at a Giant Food store in Catonsville. The winning numbers are 17, 19, 39, 43, 68 and the Power Ball number is 13. That ticket expires on February 16th.

Gentry urges anyone who purchased a Powerball ticket at any of these three locations to check the numbers. “We always tell them sign the back of the ticket because if you lose a ticket, and someone else picks it up, it becomes their possession” she says. “So sign the back of the ticket. And come in with property identification, such as a driver’s license.”

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming headquarters are located at 1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 330, Baltimore, Md. 21230.

With the deadline approaching, Gentry says individuals with the winning ticket who fail to claim their prize lose out. “Well, that would be a sad thing .if they don’t come in. We want them to come in. Because if they don’t, that money goes back into our unclaimed prize fund which goes back to the players in the form of prizes and second-chance contests,” she says.

If you don’t win the first time, Gentry says don’t throw away your ticket. “We also a free players program, a rewards program called ‘My Lottery Rewards.’ You can take your non-winning tickets and enter them into different contests for all kinds of prizes. So you don’t want to throw those tickets away, no,” she says.


By Kevin McManus