Suspect In Theft Scheme, Assault Faces Additional Charges

He was arrested following a theft at a Target store.



Hagerstown, Md (KM) A suspect involved in a theft and an assault on a Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy faces additional charges. State Police say Melsun Perry, 26, of Landover has been charged with 1st-degree assault and 2nd-degree assault, and related traffic offenses. That’s in addition to the previous charges of 1st-degree assault and theft less than $1500.

Perry was arrested following an incident on January 10th at the parking lot of the Target store at 17,000 Cole Road in Hagerstown. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by an employee who reported a theft scheme. The suspect was known to visit Target stores, supposedly to return an iPad for a refund or a gift card. But he returned the box with items inside to simulate the weight of an iPad.

Two deputies were dispatched to the store at around 5:30 PM, and waited in the parking lot. One of the officers approached the suspect on  foot, who began to run. The other deputy drove the patrol car ahead of the suspect and parked the vehicle. He got out and attempted to arrest him. The patrol car was parked near the suspect’s Dodge Charger. The suspect got into his vehicle as a deputy, identified as Lt. Greg Alton, reached through  the driver’s door to arrest the suspect.

The investigation by the State Police–which was requested by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office following the incident–determined that Lt. Alton arm became entrapped as the suspect tried to leave the scene quickly. Lt. Alton fired his service weapon, and was able to free his arm. The suspect struck the patrol car and another vehicle before leaving the parking lot. A lookout was broadcast.

The suspect’s vehicle, the Dodge Charger, was found  the 17,000 block of Diane Drive in Hagerstown.  The registration plates had been removed.

Perry was located at a residence in the 10,000  block of Bowers Avenue in Hagestown, where he was taken into custody without incident.

State Police Crime Scene technicians processed the scene. The investigation is continuing.


By Kevin McManus