Hagerstown Police Officer Arrested For Drug Offenses

He’s  been suspended without pay.


Hagerstown, Md (KM). A Hagerstown Police Officer has been charged with narcotics offenses. Sergeant Christopher Michael Barnett, 45, was arrested at his home in Pennsylvania Thursday evening.

During a news conference on Friday, Police Chief Victor Brito said the Department received “credible evidence” on Thursday of a drug transaction in Hagerstown involving a police officer while on duty. Investigators received video of Sergeant Barnett providing a prescription opioid medication to another individual. After  receiving all this information, Chief Brito says the Department acted quickly, and filed charges against Barnett. He’s charged with possession and distribution of drugs, malfeasance in office and theft less than $100.

Brito said learning about one of his officers involved in criminal activity is “painful.” “I’ve worn this badge for over 29 years. It’s deeply personal to me and every member of this agency,” he said. “I’m disappointed and quite frankly I’m sickened by this betrayal and this criminal act.”

But Chief Brito said the actions of one officer does not reflect on the entire Department. “I know in my heart and in my soul that the men and the women of the Hagerstown Police Department serve HPD with integrity and do so in a selfless fashion each and every day with our community,” the Chief says.

He says this is the first time that something like this has happened to the Hagesrtown Police Department. “This was an act of one individual. That’s it. And that’s what we believe as we move forward,” says Chief Brito.

Sergeant Barnett has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation. He was hired by the Department in 2002, and promoted to Sergeant in 2012.


By Kevin McManus