Kids can’t hold pencils anymore

Most kids are great at swiping the screen of a smartphone or tablet, but many struggle to hold a pencil. This is not joke – doctors in the U-K say children use technology so much that their hand muscles are not developing properly! In fact, children are entering school with less hand strength and dexterity than just ten years ago. “The risk is that we make too many assumptions about why a child isn’t able to write at the expected age,” said Mellissa Prunty, a pediatric occupational therapist and vice-chair of Britain’s National Handwriting Association. “And we don’t intervene when there is a technology-related cause.”

What to do? Experts say parents can help by encouraging play with blocks, crayons, stickers or pull toys. And if you break out the iPad, parents should choose apps that use creative drawing and play.

Source: The Guardian