Panel Discussion On Affordable Housing For Senior Taking Place Monday

Older residents find it difficult to locate housing they can afford.


Frederick, Md (KM). It’s becoming a crucial issue as the population ages. With the number of senior citizens in Frederick County expected to out pace elementary school students in the future, finding them housing they can afford will  be a challenge. “I think one of the big concerns for seniors in Frederick County–and it’s been brought up in several forums–is housing., specifically, affordable housing,” says Sandi Wastler, the incoming chair of the Frederick County Commission on Aging..

The Commission is holding a panel discussion on Monday, March 12th from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at the Bourne Building, 355 Montevue Lane, Frederick.

In most cases, seniors are looking for apartments or smaller houses they can afford. “Seniors are looking to downsize. They don’t need the big house, and the McMansions. They want something smaller, more compact, maybe that are set up for their particular circumstances,” says Wastler.

But in many cases, older residents are on a fixed income, or receive Social Security, which doesn’t go very far. “When you have to pay increasing medical, health care as you get older, and then housing on a restricted income as the cost of living goes up, it becomes harder and harder,” says Wastler.

She says any senior who has faced this problem is encouraged to come to the panel discussion on Monday. “With community and private citizens on the panel to speak from their individual perspective on affordable housing, and offer opportunities from those in the audience to answer questions,” says Waslter.

The panel members will be Milton Bailey, the Director of the Frederick County Department of Housing and Community Development; Planning Director Jim Gugel with the Division of Planning and Permitting; Bruce Zavos, Chairman of the Affordable Housing Council; Judy Kendro, a Frederick County resident involved in affordable housing issues; and Noel Manalo, Frederick County Building Industry Association Land Use Council Board of Directors.


By Kevin McManus