Lawmakers Work To Get Bills Passed As General Assembly Session Winds Down

There are less than three weeks to go.


Frederick, Md (KM). As the Maryland General Assembly Session races toward adjournment, lawmakers still have plenty of work to do.

Frederick County Delegate Carol Krimm (D) says it’s been a little bit of a  lull since crossover day on Monday, March 19th, where bills needed to be approved by the chamber where they were introduced in order to have a chance at passage. Krimm says several of her bills made it out of the House of Delegates, including one which requires state agencies to provide  for nursing mothers who are state employees  a time and a place to pump breast milk. :”The Fair Labor Standards Act requires that there is a place for exempt employees. But what my bill does is extend that to non-exempt employees and also to the legislative and judicial branches of government,” she says.

Another bill which made to the Senate would allow state employees who are retiring  the option of a phase-in retirement, where they could work part time and receive a part time pension. If it passes, the Department of Budget and Management and the State Retirement Agency would develop the program.

She also has legislation to extend the work of the rural broadband task force for another year. :”We’ve had very good meetings, a lot of interaction with the private sector on this. Hopefully, next year, we’ll have some solid recommendations and perhaps some legislation to put into effect,”: says Krimm. The mission of the task force is to  study ways expand broadband and wireless service to Marylanders who don;’t have it, and  at an affordable price.

Delegate Krimm was also on a special committee looking at school construction which came up with a bill. “That bill will provide for $400-million annually in public school construction dollars,” she says. :”The previous goal was $250-million but recently it’s been over $300-million we’ve provided in the budget for public  school construction.”

With adjournment coming soon, Krimm was asked how she keeps her sanity in Annapolis. “I keep working. I was on that special joint committee., and you still have your bills in the Senate,”: she replied.

The Maryland General Assembly Session adjourns on Monday, April 9th at midnight.


By Kevin McManus