Program Air Date: Sunday, April 1st, 2018 – 9am

What is the State of the Dead?  

It’s tax season.  Since they say all you can be sure of is death and taxes, and this is not a financial advice show, let’s turn our attention to death, which affects us all.  It’s true if we’ve lost a loved one to the “grim reaper”.  And it’s true even if we haven’t.  So, what is our eternal destiny?  What happens to us when we die?  This show’s panel has all the answers.  🙂  During this show we might need to define some terms, and possibly split a few hairs.  For example, is there a difference between “immortal” souls and “eternal” souls?   How is the immortality or eternality of God different (and/or the same) as our immortality or eternality?

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  930 WFMD Host/Moderator of The Faith Debate.

Jonathan Switzer.  Past-President of Frederick’s Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship, Founder of “Frederick 48”, former candidate for School Board in Frederick County, Founder of Crossroads Valley Church, and Co-Founder of The Faith Debate.

Morgan Kochenower.  Lead Pastor of Frederick Seventh-day Adventist Church and former missionary.

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