Program Air Date: Sunday, April 8th, 2018 – 9am

Is Death the Cessation of Life? 

What does the Bible say about a person’s condition in death?  Is it important that Christians understand biblical teaching about this?  For that matter, does the Bible have anything to say about this subject?  What, if anything, does the Bible teach about the soul and the state of humans in death?  Does it tell us where we go after death?  How do we define “immortal”?  Is Jesus, in His humanity, alive right now?  When Christians are wrestling though questions like the ones we’ve been tackling (for this our fourth week now), what are some of the key passages of Scripture upon which we should meditate?

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  930 WFMD Host/Moderator of The Faith Debate.

Jonathan Switzer.  Past-President of Frederick’s Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship, Founder of “Frederick 48”, former candidate for School Board in Frederick County, Founder of Crossroads Valley Church, and Co-Founder of The Faith Debate.

Morgan Kochenower.  Lead Pastor of Frederick Seventh-day Adventist Church and former missionary.

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