Curbside Recycling Expanding In Frederick County

The county is also offering rebates to help residents with costs of septic pump-outs.


Frederick, Md (KM). Frederick County’s curbside recycling program is expanding. Apartment complexes of nine units or less, and some small businesses will soon be able to set out the blue bins with all of their recyclables, according to County Executive Jan Gardner. “These small businesses must be located in residential neighborhoods in order to quality for this opt in program ,” she says. “So unfortunately, that means businesses in the Historic District in the city of Frederick will not qualify.”

During her public information briefing on Thursday, Gardner said property owners and some small businesses can begin signing up now. If they enroll before April 30th, they will start participating in the program when it begins on July 1st. Anyone who signs up after April 30th, will be put into the program as soon as possible.

They will also be required to pay the annual system benefit charge. “For multi-family properties, each unit will be charged the single family system benefit charge which is $88 annually,” she says. “For small businesses, those that are less than 3,000 square feet–or 2,999 square feet–will also be charged the single family system benefit charge of $88. Those that are larger, based on square footage, will pay a larger business fee, similar to how we charge our commercial properties that participate now.”

When these apartment complexes and small businesses are enrolled, they will receive a blue bin which they can fill up with recyclables, and leave it out to be picked up every two weeks.

Currently, more than 78,000 households take part in curbside recycling, the county says in a news release.

Also at her public information briefing on Thursday, County Executive Gardner unveiled the 2018 Septic Pump-Out rebate program. Anyone who has their septic systems pumped out between January 1st and June 30th, 2018, can receive a rebate to cover part of the costs. “Just like rebates you get at a store, you need to send in a form, which can be found on the county’s website at rebates,” she says.

The rebates are $75 for those who apply. “The county has set aside $25,000 for this program which is enough for 330 rebates. Once the money runs out, rebates will no longer be available so it’s first come, first served,” says Gardner. “So get your application in or your rebate form filled out.”

She says this program will help those with septic systems where pumping them out is a big expense. “It does help people who may have trouble affording the cost to clean out their septic system, but who would really like to do it for many reasons, including the functionality of their septic system. It provides them with help to get that done,” says Gardner.

“Maintaining the septic system protects the ground water, which is a source of drinking water in many parts of the county,” she says. “So when homeowners clean out their septic systems, they’re helping the environment.”

The program is sponsored by the County’s Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources.

For more information or to download an application, go to


By Kevin McManus