Comptroller Gives Last Minute Tax Tips

Frederick, MD (KK) – The countdown to April 17 is on! Comptroller Peter Franchot has a few tips to make sure your tax returns get done right and on time.

“If somebody’s out with a costume on trying to get you to come into their tax preparer’s office, I’d probably skip that one and move on to someone who is a little more better known and is not just some kind of pop-up with a crazy person out front with a sign,” said Franchot.

Franchot says to make sure the person who prepares your taxes is trustworthy and reputable.

“If you sign that, that is you that is responsible. Now, I’m not going to land on you like a ton of bricks. I’m going to go after the tax preparer, particularly if there’s fraud or innocence of fraud on the taxpayer’s side. IRS is not that generous,” said Franchot.

If you have any questions on your taxes, you can call 1-800-MD-TAXES.

By Kylie Khan