No More School Walk-Outs Allowed for One Maryland County

Students will face consequences if they walk out to protest gun violence.

WESTMINSTER, Md. (AP) — A Maryland county school district that allowed students to walk out last month to protest gun violence has promised consequences for those that participate this month.

Carroll County School Board Superintendent Stephen Guthrie said Thursday that the student-led protests have become increasingly political. He said to local media the upcoming walkout on April 20 has been hijacked by “adults and others to change the narrative” and tie their agendas to the protests.

Guthrie says the county will have a school day instead and any disruptions will be met with consequences ranging from a parent-teacher conference to suspension. ACLU of Maryland Communications Director Meredith Curtis Goode says the organization will monitor how punishments are doled out.

Other schools in the area are still discussing how to handle next week’s walkout.