Superintendent Urges Victims Of Fights At Tuscarora High To Press Charges

She also says video of the fights should have been provided to police, not placed on social media.


Frederick, Md (KM). As the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office continues its investigation into two fights this week involving students at Tuscarora High, there is discussion about whether that particular school has more fights than others. That question was put to Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Theresa Alban., who was a guest Wednesday on WFMD’s “Morning News Express.” “There is a perception that there’s more here. But when I look at suspension data across the county, that does not bear out that there’s an excessive number here compared to anywhere else. That is, again, when people make assumptions and put them on social media.  That’s how rumors spread,” she said.

On Monday afternoon of this week, a fight took place at Ballenger Creek Park between groups of students, allegedly from Tuscarora High. Authorities say one woman was injured, suffering from two broken wrists. Her daughter had some “bumps and bruises.” On Tuesday morning, fights broke out at Tuscarora High. Dr. Alban says several students were arrested for disorderly conduct. The Sheriff’s Office says both fights are under investigation, and other charges could be filed.

Videos of those two fights were  posted on social media, and Dr. Alban is displeased with that. “Law enforcement gets very frustrated when these videos get posted on social media because those videos are evidence of a crime, and really should be turned over to law enforcement so that they can investigate and press charges, if possible,” the Superintendent  says.

While social media can be a force for good, it has also become a place where people post rumors, often without checking their validity That was the case with Tuscarora High’s principle, Christopher Berry. A posting said that Mr. Berry had left the school when the fights broke out. “He didn’t leave the school. He was scheduled to visit a school in Montgomery County;  had gone to that visit;  and immediately  came back to the school here,” she says.

The fight brought in sheriff’s deputies to restores order. “We did not go into a lock down as such. We just asked that teachers keep their doors closed and locked so that we wouldn’t have children going into classrooms looking for other kids, trying to minimize the traffic in the hallways,” Dr. Alban says.

Anyone who was assaulted during that physical altercations is strongly encouraged to press charges. “If you’re not willing to press charges against someone who assaulted you, then you tie the hands of law enforcement and you keep us from dealing with the situation,” Superintendent Alban  says.

Meanwhile, healing got underway on Wednesday at Tuscarora High School. “Today {Wed}, we have brought in a group of counselors to try to work on some mediation because obviously continuing to try to retaliate is not going to solve the problem,” Dr. Alban says.

She says the Tuscarora High Community will need to pull together. . “It’s really important for the community try to work with us to use the procedures that are in place to address some of these things,” the Superintendent says.


By Kevin McManus