Two Fights Connected With Tuscarora High Under Investigation

The Sheriff’s Office says charges are expected to be filed.


Frederick, Md (KM). The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two fights in the Ballenger Creek area this week. One took place Monday afternoon at Ballenger Creek Park, and the second on Tuesday morning at Tuscarora High. It’s believed the Tuesday fight is related to the one on Monday.

WFMD News received an e-mail from a concerned citizen who said in the first  fight, a woman sustained two broken wrists, and her daughter had “bumps and bruises.” The Sheriff’s Office say the mother was taken to the hospital by ambulance, or drove herself. The e-mailer  said the two victims were targeted by a group of Tuscarora High Students, but he says he couldn’t confirm that. The citizen likened them to a vigilante group.

Board of Education President Brad Young told WFMD News he asked around, and found out the stories were true, and alerted the school “for security purposes.” “As we were made aware that this was going on, we made sure that we had additional security presence at Tuscarora High School today {Tues}. It is my understanding that there were a number of fights there today {Tues} that are related to this incident that happened yesterday {Mon},  and has been happening over social media over the past several weeks,” he said.

“We’re doing everything we can to insure that the school is safe and secure, and that the folks that are involved in these incidents are dealt with,” he said.

WFMD News asked Young if parents with children at Tuscarora High can feel their kids will be safe when they send them to school. “I believe that they can think that. What I can’t say if they’re involved with these groups that are fighting. that something won’t happen,” he said. “It comes down to parental knowledge of knowing what’s going on within their child’s life.”

On Tuesday’s afternoon’s “Mid-Maryland Live,” School System Spokesman Michael Doerrer defended the actions of school administrators at Tuscarora High regarding the fight on Tuesday. “We had a few physical altercations this week. They stemmed from conflicts that students were having outside of school. They spilled over into the school.  I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that our staff at Tuscarora and our administrators there are highly professional.They know what they’re doing. They know how to keep the school safe,” he said.

He said a lot of these fights resulted from rumors posted on social media. “It’s important to not let rumors get out of control because that just perpetuates misconceptions, and honestly just perpetuates issues,” said Doerrer.

Board of Ed President Young said it’s important for parents to take an interest in their children’s lives, especially when it comes to social media. “We can’t control what happens with these students in the evening and on weekends. We just ask parents try to do everything you can to be aware of what your child’s doing. And where there are situations like this going on, you alert the school so they can be properly prepared for it,” says Young.

The Sheriff’s Office says charges are expected to be filed in connection with these two incidents.


By Kevin McManus