Improperly Discarded Smoking Materials Cause Of Fire At Brunswick Sheetz Store

Damage is described  as extensive.


Brunswick, Md (KM) Damage from a fire at the Sheetz store in Brunswick Wednesday afternoon is described as extensive.

Fire fighters from Frederick and Washington Counties, along with personnel from Loudon County, Virginia, and Jefferson County, West Virginia, were dispatched at around 1:30 PM to the Sheetz at 3842 Burkittsville Road  for a building fire. Battalion Chief Mike Dmuchowski says fire fighters saw smoke coming from the building. They entered the store and found smoke and a fire in the rear of the structure and on the outside. They were able to put it out.

No one was hurt.

Dmuchowski says a cause has been determined. “Frederick County Fire Marshal’s Office was doing the investigation, and they determined it was improperly discarded smoking materials to exterior of the building, to the rear,” he says.

Fighting the fire on a warm day can be a challenge for fire fighters, especially being bundled up in a turnout suit and carrying heavy equipment. . “We make sure they stay hydrated. We have a canteen unit on the scene to provide additional fluids. And we’re checking everybody as they came out of the building,” Dmuchowski says.

The fire went to two alarms, and the Rapid Intervention Task Force was called to the scene.


By Kevin McManus