12-year-old Arrested for Bringing Replica Gun to School

Rockville, MD (KK) – A fake gun caused panic at a Rockville middle school Wednesday. Police say a 12-year-old brought a replica gun to school and began showing it off and pointing it around a crowded auditorium at Earle B Wood Middle School. Kids began to panic and a teacher told students to hide behind the stage.  The gun turned out to be plastic but it had been spray painted black to look real.

“In this circumstance, the teacher approached him. He gave the gun to her. It didn’t necessitate an emergency response from officers,” said Corporal Rebecca Innocenti with Montgomery County Police.

The student was arrested, taken to the 4th District station, and then released to his guardian. He was charged with threat of mass violence, disrupting school activities, and threatening others with bodily harm.

By Kylie Khan