FCC, Mount Sign Agreement On Tuition Discount

It would allow FCC graduates to attend Mount’s Frederick campus at a 25% discount on tuition.


Frederick, Md (KM) It could be a money-saver for a lot of Frederick Community College students. Last month, an articulation agreement was signed by FCC to allow students who complete their associate degree programs to attend Mount Saint Mary’s Frederick campus to earn their bachelor’s degrees at a 25% discount on tuition. It would apply to programs in business administration, criminal justice, accounting and human services.

“This tuition doesn’t really apply to supplies or books or fees. But it is a very nice and generous reduction in their tuition of 20% full tuition costs,” says Dr. Tony Hawkins, FCC’s Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The agreement was signed on April 15th, 2018.

Dr. Hawkins says this tuition reduction for FCC students attending the Mount’s Frederick campus offers other benefits besides a discount. “Many of our students like to stay local. And this provides access to further their education beyond an associate degree  without having to leave the  confines of Frederick County,” he says.

This new articulation agreement with Mount Saint Mary’s will also cover FCC students who pursue graduate work at the University’s Frederick campus.

This 20% tuition discount will be available starting this fall, and FCC students who plan to attend the Mount’s Frederick campus after receiving the associates degrees can begin signing up now. They can contact Marsha Mason-Sowell, the Transfer Counselor, at 301-846-2475 for more information.

Dr. Hawkins says this is one of many articulation agreements that FCC has with the Mount and other institutions of higher learning, such as Hood College and the University of Maryland. He says it makes for a seamless transition for students  from a community college to a four-year institution. “These written documents, that are reviewed annually, guarantee that our courses align perfectly so that a 60-credit degree at Frederick Community College, gives a student when they enter a four-year institution junior status,” he says. “All of their credits count toward a degree. They lose nothing in the transition. They don’t have to re-take courses.”


By Kevin McManus