VETURGENCY is open evenings and weekends until midnight as a walk-in/no appointment necessary provider. While we do not take appointments we welcome you to use our interactive time reservation website to check the wait times and preregister your pet to expedite your visit similar to call ahead seating at a restaurant. We always have caring knowledgeable team members available by phone at (301) 288-8387 if you have any questions you would like to ask prior to arrival.

Curious about the difference between a VETURGENCY vs. Emergency? See below:

“VETURGENCY” Signs and Symptoms

* EYES: discharge, closed, tearing, swollen, itching

* EARS: red and painful, itching, discharge, odor, cuts, head tilting to one side

* NOSE: discharge, cuts, sneezing

* MOUTH: pain, swelling, sudden bad odor, inability to eat or drink

* MUSCULOSKELETAL: limping, unable to walk, cuts and bites, swelling,

* SKIN: itching, infection, allergic reaction, cuts, bruising, parasite removal

* LUNGS: cough, wheezing, sneezing

* GI: vomiting, diarrhea, straining to defecate, not eating or drinking or drinking excessively, scooting

* URINARY: UTI signs, painful to urinate or multiple attempts, having accidents, licking abnormally at vulva/prepuce

* GENITAL: licking, discharge, swelling

A regular Emergency Room Hospital (ER) is required for life threatening conditions, overnight intensive care, and most surgical needs. This is in contrast to a health concern your pet has that needs attended to after regular vet hours, but your pet is stable…


* Trouble Breathing

* White or Blue Gum Color

* Unconscious or Collapsed

* Heart Failure

* Hit By Car

* Uncontrollable Bleeding

* Head Trauma

* Trauma that Exposes Bone

* Trauma that Opens the Chest or Abdomen


* Spleen Torsion

* Bloat/GDV

* Difficulty birthing Puppies/Kittens

* Stomach or Intestine Blockage

If upon arrival your pet is found to need further care than we can provide, assessment and stabilization will be offered as well as directing you and your pet to a full service ER or referral hospital depending on diagnostic needs.