County Executive Lifts State OF Emergency

City of Frederick has also lifted its State of Emergency.



Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick County is getting back to normal following last week’s heavy rains and flooding. County Executive Jan Gardner on Wednesday signed an executive order ending the State of Emergency.

The State of Emergency was imposed on May 15h at 8:00 PM following the heavy rain and flooding which affected the County. The severe weather damaged the road network, and put a lot of stress on water and waste water treatment facilities. It disrupted local businesses and residents’ lives.

The State of Emergency did not impose any travel restrictions, but it required local agencies to activate their emergency plans and take actions necessary to protect lives during the severe weather.

In a statement, Gardner expressed thanks to county employees who worked to repair the storm damage and get roads reopened.

There are still some roads closed in Frederick County as a result of weather damage. You can keep track of which ones by going on line to You can also take the post storm assessment survey describing how the storm affected you and your business. The surveys are due by June 15th. That information will be used by the county and the city in applying for federal assistance to cover the costs of repairs  following damage from the severe weather.  But officials stress that this assistance  is not guaranteed..

Mayor Michael O’Connor has lifted the State of Emergency in the city of Frederick as of 12:00 Noon on Wednesday. The recommendation that residents conserve water due to overflows at the waste water treatment plant has also been lifted.


By Kevin McManus