White’s Ferry Closes Due to Flooding on the Potomac River

Dickerson, MD (KK) – Sunday’s heavy rain flooded the Potomac River, causing a popular landmark to close. The parking lot and lawn near White’s Ferry was completely submerged Monday. Crews began working Sunday night to save items in the store. The store at White’s Ferry is under about five feet of water.

Nearby residents stopped by Monday to take pictures of the high water, many of which said they haven’t seen anything like it in nearly a decade. Staff and some local residents were evacuated.

Megan Branscome was volunteering to help clean up.

“I can’t wait to get down here and get the store and everything cleaned out because we didn’t get a chance to do it yesterday. It’ll take a little bit, but as the water goes down, they’ll have everything back up and running. They’re well-equipped,” said Branscome.

There’s no word yet on when White’s Ferry will re-open.

By Kylie Khan