Williams Says Experience as County Employee Makes Her a Good Candidate

Frederick, MD (KK) – With early voting beginning Thursday, many candidates are campaigning harder than ever. Candidate for county executive, Regina Williams, is balancing her campaign along with a full time job as a CPA and being a mother. Williams is running as a republican. She says her experience as a county employee makes her a good candidate.

“I understand the inter workings of county government and I sat on the charter transition committee as we figured out how to implement the charter form of government from a logistics standpoint. As the former budget officer, I have prepared the county budget and have worked with every director, division and department head to figure out ways to reduce their budgets during the recession,” said Williams.

Regina Williams is running against Kirby Delauter and Kathy Afzali for the republican nomination for county executive. Williams says her primary goal as county executive would be to lower property tax rates and expand tax credits.

By Kylie Khan