Suspect Charged With Attempted Robbery Of Grocery Store

He was arrested shortly after the incident.


Charles Town, WV (KM) The Jefferson County, West Virginia Sheriff’s Office has charged a suspect in the attempted robbery of a local grocery store. Patrick Glenn, 19, of Charles Town was arrested on Wednesday afternoon and charged with 2nd-degree robbery.

At around 3:15 PM, deputies from the Sheriff’s Office, along with officers from the Charles Town Police and troopers from the West Virginia State Police,  responded to the Food Lion at Somerset Plaza in Charles Town for a report of a robbery in progress. When they arrived, the suspect had left the scene. He was described as a white male, in his late teens or early 20’s, wearing dark pants and a dark hate. He was seen leaving the store in a beat up gray Ford Explorer.

Investigators say the individual entered the store, and handed a note to a cashier demanding she put money in a bag and not cause a scene. The clerk hesitated, and the would-be robber fled the store.

The Sheriff’s Office says the note was written on a receipt from the nearby Sheetz store. Deputes who went there were able to obtain surveillance video, along with video from the Food Lion, which identified Glenn as the suspect.

Authorities went to Glenn’s home, and found the Ford Explorer matching the description of the one seen at the Food Lion. They also found the clothing worn by the suspect in a dumpster.

Glen was located and taken into custody.

While being interviewed by investigators, the Sheriff’s Office says he waived his rights and confessed to the attempted robbery.


By Kevin McManus