Christophers Crossing Extension Approved

It would help connect the northern  part of Frederick to Route 15 and the downtown.


Frederick, Md (KM). A major road project which will help in connecting the northwestern part of Frederick with Route 15 and the downtown is expected to get underway later this year. Last Thursday, the Board of Aldermen approved a $5.33-million contract to build an extension of Christophers Crossing from the Clover Ridge community to Walter Martz Road and Poole Jones Road.

“The project includes a new construction of approximately 1,850 linear of four-lane primary, arterial roadway, the extension of Christophers Crossing,” says City Engineer Tracy Coleman. “It includes a stream crossing using three, 24-foot open bottom arch culverts; a roundabout with associated roadway improvements to Poole Jones Road, and an existing portion of Christophers Crossing; as well as improvements to approximately 500 linear feet of Walter Martz Road.”

The contract to build the extension was awarded to C. William Hetzer, Inc. of Hagerstown.

“August time frame is when we’re hoping to start this project,” says Coleman. “We’ve given about a two-year time frame in the contract documents, though I don’t think this particular project will take that long.”

There are not expected to be too many road closures, in any,   during the construction. “It’s a new piece of roadway across what is now basically an open field. So while the road is being constructed, there’s no road closures,” says Coleman. The “open field” is the Sanner Farm which is owned by the city.

This project is part of a bigger effort to connect the northwest segments of the city to Route 15 and the downtown. Work on extending Christophers Crossing to the Route 15 interchange with Monocacy Boulevard is nearing completion.


By Kevin McManus