Frederick’s 4th of July Celebration in Baker Park

Frederick Police offer Safety tips and Reminders.

FREDERICK, MD. – The City of Frederick’s 4th of July celebration in Baker Park is expected to bring thousands of people into downtown Frederick. The Frederick Police Department would like to remind all who attend to plan accordingly for large crowds, heavy traffic, and the weather.

The Frederick Police Department will have a visible presence in the park and throughout the City on the 4th of July. Authorities are asking if you see something suspicious that you call and report it to the police immediately.

“The crowd at Baker Park builds steadily over a period of many hours during the day, but those attending generally wish to leave immediately after the fireworks have concluded,” said Michele Bowman, police spokeswoman.   “The Frederick Police Department will make every effort to make your exit from the event area as smooth as possible, however, please be aware that you may have to wait for an extended period of time to exit the area after the fireworks. Therefore, you should anticipate significant delays and plan your itinerary appropriately.”

The following streets will be closed during the event:
– W. 2nd Street between N. Bentz Street and College Avenue
– College Avenue between W. 2nd Street and Carroll Parkway
– Carroll Parkway between N. Bentz Street and N. Jefferson Street
-West College Terrace between W. 2nd Street and Carroll Parkway
-Fleming Avenue between College Avenue and W. College Terrace

The Frederick Police Department offers the following tips and reminders to ensure a safe event for all:

1. Park away from Baker Park and walk in (many streets will be closed). Parking in the City Parking Decks is highly recommended and is free on July 4th.
2. Be prepared for the weather, as heat-related illnesses are not uncommon, especially for children and the elderly. Bring drinking water, sunscreen, handheld umbrellas, etc.
3. After the fireworks, traffic will be extremely heavy. Be prepared to be directed to major routes out of the city that may differ from your original plan.
4. Please plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the area before you attend the event and realize that you may not be able to exit the area in the same manner that you entered.
5. Please do not stop in traffic and ask a police officer for directions. This causes additional congestion and unwanted delays.
6. Report suspicious activity to the police or call 911.
7. No Pets Are Permitted In The Park On July 4th.