Program Air Date: Sunday, July 8th, 2018 – 9am

The Middle East – The Theology 

Dr. Jerry Segal, from the University of Maryland, has spent much of his life involved at the highest levels in the Middle East peace process, including being the head of the Washington DC based Jewish Peace Lobby.  And now his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Maryland has recently been given the front page treatment by the oldest Palestinian newspaper in circulation, the influential Al Quds.  He is here to help us make sense of the toxic political pea soup in a region that contains Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Israelis, Turks, and Kurds.  Not to mention Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  930 WFMD Host/Moderator of The Faith Debate.

Jonathan Switzer.  Past-President of Frederick’s Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship, Founder of “Frederick 48”, Founder of Crossroads Valley Church, and most recently Founder of BRIDGES: Connecting needs and resources in Frederick County.

Dr. Jerome “Jerry” Segal.  Candidate for United States Senate, Author of “Joseph’s Bones: Understanding the Struggle Between God and Mankind in the Bible”, and Leader of a Sunday school Bible class as part of a Jewish Reconstructionist Chaverah for ten years.

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