S-H-A Crews To Begin MD 28 Bridge Rehabilitation

Frederick, Md (LR). The State Highway Administration will begin a $7.5 million construction project to rehabilitate the MD 28 Bridge over the Monocacy River in Dickerson.

State Highway Administration Spokeswoman Shantee Felix, said the bridge, which was constructed in 1931, is structurally sound, but the bridge deck has outlived its useful service life and needs to be replaced.

Felix said the main work includes replacing the bridge deck and installing a service road to maintain access to the river and park area, replacing sections of the steel truss bridge structure and repairing concrete bridge piers. Other work includes removing years of debris buildup under the bridge and cleaning and painting the metal surfaces on the structure.

There will be temporary traffic signals to alternate traffic 24/7 throughout the duration of the project.

Felix said approximately 9,300 vehicles cross this bridge daily and they’re asking motorists to allow extra drive time during construction.

This is one of 12 bridge replacement/ rehabilitation projects in Frederick County.

If you plan on using this route, you can access real-time commute conditions on md511.org.


By: Laura Riley