Md. Poison Center Getting The Word Out About Cannabinoids

This follows a spike in health problems in DC after  their use by individuals.



Baltimore, Md (KM). The Maryland Poison Center is getting the word out about the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids. Executive Director Bruce Anderson says these products go by names such as synthetic marijuana, K2, spice  and fake grass. “Even though the word  cannabinoid is in the product, these are not all at like regular marijuana,” he says.

This warning comes following a recent uptick in health problems in Washington DC from individuals who have used cannabinoids. So far, Anderson says, that’s not been a problem in Maryland.

He says cannabinoids are human-made, mind altering chemicals which are sprayed on dried plant material. They can smoked, or sold as liquids to be vaporized in e-cigarettes or other devices. “Unfortunately, these are products that have been modified to the point where they are not tested on people,” says Anderson. “We don’t know exactly what the clinical affects are when people use them.”

But he says these products have been known to cause breathing problems, gastronomical problems, heart attack, fast heart beats, high blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure and muscle damage

In addition, Anderson says some of these products have been contaminated with rat poison. “So not only do they have the potential problems from just the synthetic cannabiniod, but they are now  dealing with problems of bleeding, and complications from bleeding from exposure to the rat poison,” he says.

The Poison Center says these bleeding disorders linked to  cannabinoid use are found in many states, including 33 in Maryland and at least one death since the first case was detected on April 3rd.

“These are not safe products; that there’s nothing that can be done to make them safe,” says Anderson. “And that people can have serious problems when they get exposed to them.”

The Maryland Poison Center is open 24-hours a day, seven day a week.  The number 1-800-222-1222.



Kevin McManus