MVA Releases New License Plate For Disabled Veterans

They’re more colorful and more patriotic, MVA says.


Baltimore, Md (KM). They’re described as more colorful and more patriotic. They are the new driver’s license plates for Maryland’s disabled veterans.

“We already had a disabled veteran plate. But we actually got a recommendation from a Maryland veteran who wanted that plate to better reflect the patriotic nature of their service, to have a reflection of the US Flag in the plate. In the past, it had just the disabled veteran indicator at the bottom,” says MVA Administrator Christine Nizer.

The MVA says Captain George Durgin with the US Public Health Service said he saw a number of veterans’ plates on cars from other states parked at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and noticed they were more colorful and patriotic. He contacted the MVA Outreach Program and offered his suggestion. “So we worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the individual who made the recommendation and came up with the new design,” says Nizer.

In a news release, the MVA says the new plate is more colorful and prominently features red, white and blue stripes and stars. Instead of the letters DV to indicate the driver is a disabled veteran, the words “disabled veteran” are spelled out on the plate.

Nizer says new plate is available for disabled veterans who would like to place it on their cars. They can visit any MVA office and make application.   She says they need proof of their military service and of being a disabled veteran.

“We’ve done a lot in the last several years to honor our veterans, and we feel this is another step in that regard,” says Nizer.



By Kevin McManus