Get To Know Jerry Donald

The democrat is running for re-election.

Frederick, Md. (KK) – Frederick County native Jerry Donald is running for re-election for the Frederick County Council District 1 seat.

“I grew up in Braddock Heights and (now) live there with my wife Beverly, we’ve raised three daughters here, and I teach at Middletown High School,” says Donald.

Donald says he’s happy with the progress that’s been made over the past four years.

“We’ve done a lot to preserve agriculture in the county, which is the only way to have a long term solution to growth. We have added over 100 firefighters, deputies, and emergency services personnel. I did some work to add walking paths in the Middletown park, supported capital budgets necessary to build a new park near Brunswick. They’re putting a new fire station in Middletown, and we’ve supported new budgets to build two new elementary schools in Urbana, so I want to keep Frederick County going in that direction” Donald said.

Donald, a democrat, cites work he’s already done on the council.

“I’ve written laws that improve water quality in our streams and rivers, (laws) to improve communication to residents about nearby zoning changes. I’ve written laws about animal cruelty. I wrote a law that reduced property taxes for lower and middle-income senior citizens” he stated.

Donald will be facing Republican Kevin Grubb in the General Election on November 6.

-Kylie Kahn