US Bulk Mail

The story of US Bulk Mail

I, Karie Taylor, and my father, Zachary, have joined our knowledge and experience to create a dynamic business, WhipSmart aka US Bulk Mail. With my 15 years of experience in graphic arts, promotional sales and bulk mail and Zachary’s 35 plus years of experience in sales and marketing in the hospitality industry, we have created a unique combination of insight and creativity which we want to share with all of you.

In my earlier years, I spent many years working in marketing for the vacation property rental industry. My creativity in design and marketing ideas eventually led me to start my own business. Understanding that an effective promotional campaign combines branding of your company, direct mail advertising and Internet marketing, I expanded my graphic arts business to include promotional items, printing and bulk mailing. Today, you can utilize my many years of insight and creativity to successfully market and brand your company.

My father began his marketing and sales career with a hotel company that I am sure you have heard of, Marriott Hotels. Armed with his vast experience, he and his wife, Linda, created and managed a vacation property management company which they grew from 1 property to over 425 properties. With an eye for what sells, Zachary developed many profitable marketing campaigns, and passed his knowledge down to me, his daughter. After selling his company, Zackary is now eager to work with me to share his experience and insight with you.