Get To Know Jan Gardner

Gardner is running for re-election

Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner is running for re-election.

Gardner says her parents, who have been together for 68 years, taught her work ethic, understanding of right and wrong, and commitment to a job well done. Gardner has been married to her husband John for 35 years and together they have three children and one grandson.

“When I hold my grandson, I think about the future and what my role is in making sure the next generation inherits something positive in Frederick County. My family values are reflected in who I am and what I do as county executive and in my public life. I value honesty, fairness, public education, job opportunity, and respecting seniors,” says Gardner. “My life’s work is all about shaping a bright future for my family, and the entire community.”

Gardner says she loves Frederick County and is committed to our community’s bright future. She says she has decided to run for re-election to continue to deliever honest government, exceptional public schools, safe communities and a thriving economy.

“My goals are to eliminate school overcrowding, better manage growth, and protect taxpayers. I really want to implement the ‘Seniors First’ initiative and ‘Livable Frederick,’ which will put citizens in charge of our future, ensure high quality of life, and protect the things we love about Frederick County; our history, our agriculture, and our great sense of community belonging” she says.

County Executive Jan Gardner will be facing Delegate Kathy Afzali in the November 6th General Election.

-Laura Riley