Get To Know Kathy Afzali

The two term delegate is running for county executive

Delegate Kathy Afzali is running for Frederick County Executive against Democratic County Executive Jan Gardner in the General Election.

Afzali is a mom, small business owner and has served as Delegate for 8 years.

“I was unhappy with some of the representation in Frederick County, so I ran for Delegate in 2010, having no prior political experience,” says Afzali. “I’m (still) not sure how I won. I took the oath of office in 2011 and I served two consecutive terms.”

Delegate Afzali explains why she’s running for Frederick County Executive.

“Increasingly in the last three and a half years, I became disenchanted with who had been elected under the new charter form of government in Frederick County,” she says. “I thought that I could do a better job, and isn’t that why we run for office? To do a better job then what’s there now.”

Delgate Afzali says if elected, her top three priorites will be getting a handle on development, controlling high property taxes, and focusing on a slow, responsible and dilberate approach to growth in Frederick County.

The general election is on November 6th.

-Laura Riley