Get To Know Jessica Fitzwater

Local teacher running for a second term on the Frederick County Council

Incumbent Jessica Fitzwater is hoping to keep her seat as the District 4 representatvie on the Frederick County Council this November.

“Municipal and County government is really where rubber meets the road,” Fitzwater says. “That’s such a cliche, but it really is true. We’re working hard on behalf of our constituents. We’re living in the community with them, we are here in the communities with the people we serve, and we get a chance to hear from them on many occasions. We want to make sure the work we are doing is in line with what citizens of Frederick County need.”

She says she is a voice on the council for a population that may be underrepresented.

“I didn’t feel there was someone really representing young families and professionals. There weren’t any women at the time. It just seemed like a great opportunity for someone like me to jump in the race,” says Fitzwater. “The first four years have been very exciting, and a lot of our time has been spent on interpereting the charter, setting up the rules of procedure, setting up policies to communicate between the two branches of government. We have had a chance to legislate, but I think in a second term we will be able to dig deeper into legislative solutions that can help Frederick County move forward.”

Fitzwater is running against Jimmy Trout.

-Kylie Kahn