Get To Know Jimmy Trout

The small business owner is running for Frederick County Council

Jimmy Trout is a small busness owner, who has been married for 33 years.

The Republican is also running for the Frederick County Council District 4 seat. Trout said he didn’t go looking for politics, rather politics found him.

“In 2009, my mother was murdered by my father. Due to the lack of laws in Maryland, he was able to benefit from killing her by collecting her state and life insurance policies,” says Trout. “We worked with (then) delegate Kelly Schulz to pass the ‘Sue Metz Slayer law’ that now disallows the murderer from benefitting from their crime. In honor of her, I was elected judge of the Orphan’s court and I just want to continue to work for the people of Frederick County in this role.”

Trout comes to the race with a wealth of knowledge, and experience from owning and operating one of the greenest businesses in the state. He said he works daily under close government scrutiny.

“I had to serve as chief judge of the Orphan’s court where I had to make rulings based on the law and facts presented. I feel like I would do very well,” Trout says.

If elected, his top priorities will be to support law enforcement and fire-fighters, infrastructure, and taking care of local schools. Trout faces Jessica Fitzwater in the General Election.

-Dianah Gibson