Get To Know Karl Bickel

The democrat is once again running for Frederick County Sheriff

He’s back on the ballot. Karl Bickel is running again for Frederick County Sheriff.

The democrat ran unsuccessfully for Sheriff in 2010 and 2014 against republican incumbent Chuck Jenkins. Bickel said his experience and community involvement makes him the better choice.

“I’m currently retired from the Department of Justice, where I spent 17 years working in the office of community oriented police services. I’ve been involved in our community in a number of ways,” says Bickel. “I currently serve on the board of directors for the advocates for aging of Frederick County, and the land and cultural preservation fund. I previously served on the drug abuse advisory council, the interrelations commission, the ethics comission, and the county executive’s task force on ethics.”

If elected he will focus on better utilizing tax payer dollars, and working to make schools a safe and secure environment.

“For over a decade now, we’ve been going through this opioid epidemic. It’s grown, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a plan; that is the problem. I do have a plan, and that is to provide necessary leadership. A plan to bring all stakeholders together to work in collaboration,” Bickel says. “We have a lot of good people in Frederick County, but sometimes they’re competing for the same resources; we can bring all of that together with the right leadership.”

In the 1990’s, Bickel served in a command position with the Sheriff’s Office under the late Carl Harbaugh.

“I have much greater depth, experience, education, and training (than Sheriff Jenkins). My leadership style is very different than the current Sheriff’s.”

Bickel has lived in Frederick County for over 30-years. The general election is November 6th.

-Dianah Gibson