Get To Know M.C. Keegan Ayer

Ayer hopes to be re-elected to the Frederick County Council

Hoping to continue her mission of ensuring the people of Frederick County have a voice in their government, Councilwoman M.C. Keegan-Ayer is seeking a second term representing District 3.

As a 30 year resident of Frederick County, she says she has developed a passion for local education.

“I have been involved in PTA’s when my children were in school. I worked on the PTA to get new schools built at Frederick High, West Frederick Middle, and Lincoln Elementary,” Keegan-Ayer says. “I have been very involved in schools, education, and families; especially things families are concerned about.”

Keegan-Ayer has been serving on the Frederick County Council for 4 years.

“I’ve worked to adress issues on the western side of Frederick, to get the business enterprise zone out to the Golden Mile. I worked on bills dealing with solar, a veterans advisory council, the Monocacy river, so I’ve done a little bit of everything,” she says.

The General Election is on November 6th.

-Loretta Gaines