County Executive Gardner Announces About $70 Million in Taxpayer Savings

The savings come from three key initiatives.

FREDERICK, MD – Changes made during the past four years have saved taxpayers close to $70 million, according to Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner. The savings come primarily from three key initiatives: ending privatization that cost taxpayers more, achieving the trifecta of AAA bond ratings that brought better interest rates and saved taxpayers millions, and renegotiating agreements to give taxpayers a better deal. Renegotiating the Oakdale-Lake Linganore agreement for an interchange on Interstate 70 at Meadow Road saves county taxpayers $48 million.

“Protecting taxpayers and saving money is job #1,” said Executive Gardner. “These savings make life better for people by providing for needed schools, public safety, roads, libraries and parks, while we continue to hold the line on taxes.”
When Executive Gardner entered office, many customary county services, such as tree trimming and mowing along roadways, were contracted out to private businesses. Ending privatization saved more than $2.2 million. For example, an in-house renovation crew can remodel county space for about $45 per square foot less than a contractor can do the work.

Due to the county’s AAA rating from all three bond rating agencies, taxpayers have saved $13 million, primarily from refinancing county debt to lower interest rates.
The biggest savings to the county have been through renegotiated agreements. Retaining Citizens and Montevue saved taxpayers $7.5 million because these new state-of-the-art facilities were going to be sold for less than the county owed on the mortgage. As Executive Gardner promised taxpayers, the operation of these facilities has proven to be self-sustaining. Most importantly, the county is once again taking care of seniors.

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